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The Top 10 Travel Wardrobe Staples for Two Weeks in the UK and Egypt!

It's where I'm headed next month. Obviously, some serious magic planning is required. There's no way around needing a coat for London, Glasgow and Edinburgh, where the average temperature is 56 degrees Fahrenheit. Which means you'll be dragging the coat around with you in Egypt, which averages 86 degrees Fahrenheit. So make that coat a slim reefer or trench coat.

This trench is roomy enough to go over sweaters on those chilly Scottish Highlands, yet compact enough to fold into your suitcase when you move on to Cairo!

The all-important ballet flat, "shoe of the season" is the footwear choice with a reason-comfort!

And for those rainy days in the UK-

Galoshes from Walmart. You think I'm joking? I'm not. I'm not taking boots with me which take up too much space in a suitcase. These galoshes will work just fine. A chic Venetian woman taught this trick to me...this is how they do it in Venice when it's flooding. Wisdom of a very old culture!

This will be trickier to find. I'm a firm believer in cloque silk for travel as it doesn't wrinkle, doesn't take up much space and you can layer sweaters and coats over a pretty cloque silk dress. Here are two from Rodarte from several seasons ago. My daughter Lexi is on the right.

You will also need sweaters (cardigans and pullovers) in black and other neutral colors, black pants, jeans, a little black dress, one pair of broken-in black high(er) heels, a beautiful cashmere shawl that is light enough to drape over your shoulders in Cairo but warm enough to keep the cold air of the UK off of you.

I'm not telling you to take an umbrella. You know that! I'm reminding myself of this, since it hasn't rained in California in so long we can't remember umbrellas!

I hope you have been able to discern the economy of space I'm attempting to save in the suitcase. I'll let you know how it turns out. I've been called a pretty good packer, especially when having to pack for distinctly different climates. I'll let you know how it goes!

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