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White Sands

California Elegance: Portraits from the Final Frontier (Mondadori, 2021)


A "love letter to California" (San Francisco Chronicle, February 14, 2021).  Frederic Aranda, FRSP (Fellow of the Royal Society of Photographers) and I co-authored this five-year journey throughout my home state, determined to discover and reveal a new kind of elegance.


Traveling up and down the state, we met politicians, artists, activists, scientists, designers, athletes, farmers, unsung heroes and many more great Californians who define the contemporary elegance of diversity and determination for which we were looking. We break the book into chapters featuring portraits, landscapes, and stories of the people we encountered. 

Electric Fashion (SKIRA 2015)

A five year journey through international fashion capitals and my thirty-plus year collection of haute couture and collector ready-to-wear ensembles. My co-author, Frederic Aranda, FRSP (Fellow of the Royal Society of Photographers) and I assembled the book chronologically from our first shoot. 


Electric Fashion features still life and portraits and my reminisces, including original pages from my fashion website  It is unusual as I, the collector, am the model for the portraits. It remains a resource book for fashion students and is included in among many museum collections, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

rodarte NMWA.JPG

San Francisco Chronicle

"New portraits of elegance in (the) Golden celebrating Californians goes beyond surface glamour"....


Nob Hill Gazette

"Aiming to present a consummate picture of her home state, Christine Suppes' new book proves that elegance come in many forms".


New York Journal of Books

"Electric Fashion stands alone in the genre of fashion monographs as it is a book that can be appraised and applauded on multiple levels...together they have created one of the great fashion books to have come along in this millennium..."

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