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Best Fashion Movie of the Decade!

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

House of Gucci starring Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci and Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani

Where to begin? Director Ridley Scott has made a near perfect movie with a dream story and cast. Working class Patrizia Reggiani pursues ethereal and naive Maurizio Gucci until he marries her and is dropped by his high powered family for several years. The Guccis have had her profiled, spot on I'm afraid, as a social climbing gold digger and want nothing to do with either of them. But family is family and the Guccis are a tight knit family.

Paolo Gucci, son of Aldo, (played brilliantly by unrecognizable Jared Leto) is a bit on the outs with the family too, as he dreams of putting Gucci "back on the map" with a fashion collection which the family hates. "No browns...we work with Sophia, Grace, Jackie.." says Jeremy Irons, who plays Maurizio's father Rodolfo, a big snob.

Tax snafus bring Maurizio, trained as a lawyer, back into the family fold, and he is poised to take over the company. Gaga doesn't like the way business is unfolding-she is not getting enough of the pie. When she complains, she is told by the family that she is not a Gucci. Ouch! So she consults a fortune teller.

Salma Hayek is the psychic! And in real life she is the wife of Kering CEO Francois Pinault, who owns Gucci! And boy does she have a good idea! Hire Sicilian hitmen to do in Maurizio when he has had enough of vulgar and grasping Patrizia and wants a divorce! The plot thickens!

Uncle Aldo, played by Al Pacino, originally has a soft spot in his heart for Patrizia. After all, he reminds the family that the Guccis aren't nobility-they were saddle makers to nobility. That's actually another Gucci myth. They began their business making shoes in the twentieth century! And he thinks his son, the would be fashion designer is a loser. So working class is OK by him.

But as things go more and more south in the Maurizio and Patrizia marriage, and with the death of Rodolfo, tax problems and so on, it seems Patrizia relies more heavily on her psychic buddy, and during Tuscan mud bath treatments, they concoct a scheme to put Gaga back into the game. Needless to say, this is a PERFECT Thanksgiving movie. You won't have to talk politics. The Gucci peccadilloes are more than enough to keep the conversations around the holiday table safe and hassle-free. You can talk instead about another dysfunctional family! Five stars for The House of Gucci and kudos to Ridley Scott, Gaga, Adam Driver and the entire cast!

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