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Little Missy's New Website!

Here is Freddie's picture of me on top of Jane Stanford's sphinx at Stanford University

Don't know why it took so long to create and I'm mighty pleased with the team who helped me. Of course they were working with my brilliant colleague Frederic Aranda's images. And I was able to tell the story of creating back in the Nineties, when Silicon Valley knew nothing about fashion and the fashion world knew nothing about the internet! Frustrating at times! And it all worked out, just like I told everyone! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! And of course I am able to share the stories of Freddie's and my two books, Electric Fashion and California Elegance. I hope you will enjoy the new site, and please send me feedback. Now that I have a place for Little Missy Chronicles, I'll try to keep up as time allows. Please also note that I'm available to consult on television or film about anything fashion related. Mainly, let me know how you are doing. It's been a long crazy haul these past several months, hasn't it? Love you all! Thanks for visiting!

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