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Photo Credit: Frederic Aranda

"Aranda and Suppes present a definitive and cohesive picture of California as the leader of change and innovation."
Vanity Fair

A Quinceañera  gown photographed by Frederic Aranda for California Elegance


California Elegance is an intimate look at the extraordinary figures and natural beauty of California, the world's pacesetter for the twentieth century in all its diversity. From San Francisco's most significant players to the hub of Silicon Valley and the creative buzz of Hollywood, California Elegance brings you the very best from the Golden State.

Electric Fashion is three decades of fashion brought together in one collection, worn as originally intended by the California collector Christine Suppes, and developed over five years by portrait photographer Frederic Aranda. It is also the story of how Christine blazed an indelible trail onto online fashion editorial while developing a unique collection in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Christine Suppes

Hello, I'm Christine.  Thanks for visiting my site. I'm a second-generation Californian, a fashion collector, patron of museum fashion exhibitions, supporter of fashion talent, a traveler and a recorder of both clothes and my home state.  You could say that clothes and California are my passions, outside of my gorgeous family and friends.

Chris at Nobu_edited.png

Photo Credit: Michael Suppes

rodarte NMWA.JPG


"With chapters devoted to the Diaspora Until World War II, Agriculture, Technology, Science and Climate Change, the Arts, Fashion, Lifestyle, Activism, Sports and Recreation, Universities, Unsung Heroes, and Politics, Aranda and Suppes present a definitive and cohesive picture of California as the leader of change and innovation."

vogue china_edited.jpg


"The new book California Elegance, photographed by the internationally renowned portrait photographer Frederic Aranda and written by senior fashion journalist Christine Suppes is just out...The wonderful stories bred by this rich land are laid out under Aranda's lens and Suppes' pen."

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"A new book from photographer Frederic Aranda and author Christine Suppes represents the elegance of California, world leader in diversity, development and beauty."

pioneers and trailblazers.JPEG
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C Magazine

"...offers richly layered visual diary of the Golden State".


Nob Hill Gazette

"Aiming to present a consummate picture of her home state, Christine Suppes' new book proves that elegance come in many forms".


Haute Living

"Christine Suppes and Frederic Aranda spotlight the Golden State's diversity and sublime beauty in their stunning new coffee table book, California Elegance".

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